The Thirteen Problems

In The Thirteen Problems, a group of six friends are having a sociable evening at Miss Marple’s charming house when the conversation gets round to unsolved mysteries.

They decide to form a club called The Tuesday Night Club, which is to meet every week and at which each member in turn will relate a mystery, to which they have the answer. The other members will then try to arrive at the correct explanation.

Although Miss Marple is admitted to the club as a mere matter of politeness – everyone imagining that she is too old and unworldly to play any significant part – Miss marple comes up with the right answer every time.

In these stories we meet some familiar characters such as Sir Henry Clithering, ex Commissioner of Scotland Yard; Raymond West, Miss Marple’s playwright nephew; and in some of the later stories, Colonel and Mrs Bantry.

Miss Marple is at her best here, quietly knitting and smiling and looking the picture of old-lady innocence. And then, after making reference to some obscure village parallel, confounding everyone with her uncanny ability to get to the truth of the matter.

Among the intriguing titles in this Agatha Christie work are The Idol House of Astarte, the Bloodstained Pavement and The Herb of Death. This is an enjoyable book with some fascinating little murder mysteries; and it gives the reader the chance to become better acquainted with the character of Miss Marple.

In the United States, the book is also known as The Tuesday Club Murders.

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The Thirteen Problems

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