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Stylist Online

Agatha Christie Book Covers

Stylist magazine have put together a fabulous gallery of iconic Agatha Christie cover art. As they quite rightly note "From the psychedelic to the fantastical, the illustrations used for Agatha Christie's novels form some of the most surreal, vibrant and imaginative collection of book covers ever seen."

See following link for full details and don't forget to let the good people at Stylist know which is your favourite.

Iconic Agatha Christie Cover Art

(Many thanks to Anna Brech for letting me know about this wonderful collection of Agatha Christie book covers).

The Official Agatha Christie Website

Official Agatha Christie Website

Provides both a UK and a US version of the site.

Click Here To Visit The Official Agatha Christie Website.

Hercule Poirot Central

Hercule Poirot Central

Excellent site hosted and written by Agatha Christie fan James Hobbs.

Click Here To Visit Hercule Poirot Central.

Christie in A Year

Christie in A Year

A wonderful blog by Matt Christensen who is attempting to read every novel and short story collection written by Agatha Christie. After completing each book, Matt posts a written review and a video commentary.

Click Here To Visit Christie in a Year.

The Christie Mystery

The Christie Mystery

Quality site which seeks to unravel the secrets of Agatha Christie's phenomenal success. The website is focused on exploring Agatha Christie’s style and methods, the plot devices that she uses to trick the reader, as well as her work itself.

Click Here To Visit The Christie Mystery Website.

Worlds Best Detective Crime & Murder Mystery Books

Worlds Best Detective Books

Excellent website written and hosted by Drew Thomas about detective, crime, and murder mystery books from 1841 to 1948. The history of mystery and detective stories is addressed, and individual detectives are given their own page. Includes a Miss Marple page and Hercule Poirot page.

Click Here To Visit Worlds Best Detective Crime & Murder Mystery Books Website.

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