A Murder Is Announced

A Murder Is Announced

It is not often that a murderer announces the time and place of his or her crime, but that is precisely what happens here. One Friday morning, the residents of the village of Chipping Cleghorn, via the personal column of the local weekly newspaper, are invited to attend a murder at a neighbour’s house. The murder is apparently due to take place that evening at 6.30.

Of course, everyone thinks it is a joke of some kind, or maybe some new parlour game, and several people turn up eager to find out what it’s all about. However, events take a sinister turn and punctually at the stated time, a death does occur.

What a very clever idea of Agatha Christie this is – a murderer who actually invites people to witness his or her villainy.

The are several different threads winding in and out of the main storyline in A Murder is Announced, but it is an extremely well plotted tale and one which, when all is revealed, has the reader admitting that the clues were there if only they had been clever enough to see them.

Miss Marple is, as always, quietly brilliant and there are some interesting and likeable characters in this novel.

A definite must read for all Agatha Christie fans.

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A Murder Is Announced

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Stage and Screen

A Murder is Announced was adapted for the stage by Leslie Darbon. It had its first run at the Vaudeville Theatre, London in September 1977. Miss Marple was played by Dulcie Gray. It was first adapted for television in 1956 where it was presented live by NBC. Gracie Fields starred as Miss Jane Marple and Letitia Blacklock was played by Jessica Tandy.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Joan Hickson Miss Marple version which first aired in 1986 but I think the less said about the most recent adaptation starring Geraldine McEwan, the better.

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