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Guestbook Messages

Name: Gloria Morgan

From: New Zealand

Date: 31st December 2016

Still my favorite all time mystery writer.

Name: Trisha Osborn

From: United States

Date: 17th September 2016

I love Agatha. I want to be a like her one day!

Name: Pastor Dr P Dennis Newsom, PhD, CIS

From: United States

Date: 16th July 2016

I was an older teen when I began reading her books...fresh from The Hardy Boys...what a treat her imaginations and abilities gave to me, to all who appreciate intelligent writing...I visited many places that I will never be able to travel to because of Agatha Christie.

Name: Aleta Nutter

From: United States

Date: 15th June 2016

So thrilled to find this great website.

Name: Alexander Crabtree

From: United Kingdom

Date: 5th December 2015

What a wonderful website, fascinating; I know I shall return and read a bit more next time. I'm tempted to read every single page today but I have rationed myself. I've thoroughly enjoyed everything I've read today.

Name: Charry Sales

From: Philippines

Date: 3rd December 2015

I wanted to read all her books and collect them. Her stories are all worth it. It grips the very last of you. She unravels and conceals her clues at the same time and only a genius can do such thing. I wish I started earlier. I'm 19...So far I've only read 5 and I know its a long way to go but I'll manage.

Name: Tim Thomas

From: United Kingdom

Date: 29th November 2015

What a fab find. I adore all things Marplesque. Many thanks.

Name: Heather Wright

From: United Kingdom

Date: 2nd August 2015

Love all the books! Happened on this page by chance. xxxxxxx

Name: Ellie Brown

From: United Kingdom

Date: 11th May 2015

What a lovely site to stumble upon on a Monday morning. So much to read, will have to sneak back on my lunch break.



Name: Shirley

From: United States

Date: 23rd October 2014

Greetings fellow Agatha Christie readers. It is satisfying to read stories where justice and truth really exist.

Name: Gloria O'Dell

From: United States

Date: 18th September 2014

Have been a great fan of Agatha Christie for many many years.

Name: Chris Chapman

From: United States

Date: 30th July 2014

I have been an Agatha Christie fan since I was 9 yrs old growing up on army bases in the early 70s. I still reread all her books every couple years and always enjoy them now more than ever.

Name: Angie

From: United States

Date: 27th June 2014

I have been a fan of Agatha Christie ever since I heard Christie's short story Witness for the Prosecution read to me by my teacher when I was 11 years old. I have been reading the Dame's mysteries ever since. I'm glad I found your website. It's such fun! Thank you for such a great site!

Name: Yuliya Stoyanova

From: Bulgaria

Date: 11th February 2014

Dear Mary,

The website is wonderful and as a huge admirer of Agatha Christie I really enjoy it. I am a student and currently preparing my Master's Dissertation Project on literary tourism with focus on Agatha Christie festival. My request is could it be possible to ask if some of the site's visitors who have attended the festival would share their impressions with me and fill in the questionnaire which I'm designing.

Your help will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards,


Name: Joanne

From: United Kingdom

Date: 18th November 2013

"What a lovely site! Thanks very much, Mary, for putting all of this together. I read all of your comments about the different Poirots. and totally agree with them, but there was one which you missed out, and he was excellent. Ian Holm in Murder by the Book was an excellent Poirot coupled with a great performance by Dame Peggy Ashcroft as Agatha Christie."

Name: Meta

From: Indonesia

Date: 29th August 2013

"Hi. Just visited your website and thanks for sharing everything about agatha christie.

She is one of my favorite author's and my first introduction to her was "Murder on the Orient Express" and what a perfect plot! My other favs are Murder of Roger Ackroyd, And Then There Were None, Crooked House, Five Little Pigs and A Murder is Announced.

From Indonesia with love."

Name: Helen Gibney

From: Ireland

Date: 24th June 2013

"Delighted to have found your site Mary - it's fantastic. Keep up the good work.

Best wishes.


Name: John Davis

From: Canada

Date: 14th October 2012

"Hi, just dropped in and really enjoyed your website. My favorite Agatha Christie book is Murder on the Orient Express. I also like Ten Little Indians, The Sittaford Mystery and Towards Zero."

Name: Liudmila Ostroukhova

From: Russia

Date: 4th October 2012

"I love reading books by Agatha Christie. They're thrilling and full of intrigue. Her detectives are dignified. I love them both, Miss Marple - the sense of tranquility, Hercule Poiroit - the funny master of order and grey cells."

Name: Katie Meyers

From: United Kingdom

Date: 19th April 2012

"Thank you for making this website! I am a huge Christie fan, I have been known to skip around school whenever one of her books falls into my hands."

Name: Blythe Kearney

From: United States

Date: 24th March 2012

"There is no one like Agatha."

Name: Lily

From: Spain

Date: 19th March 2012

"Thank you for this site :) great work!"

Name: Zhang Lu

From: China

Date: 16th December 2011

"I love Christie's work!"

Name: Elaina

From: Russia

Date: 28th October 2011

"I have been trying to remember the story of s plot which takes place on a narrow boat. I think the main character is Miss Marple, but can't be sure. Any clues? Thank you in advance"

Name: Joan Mosley

From: United States

Date: 25th October 2011

"From one addict to another: Thanks for this Agatha Christie website!"

Name: Diane Block

From: United States

Date: 19th September 2011

"My dream is to have a copy of each of agatha christie's mysteries with miss marple & hercule Piorot. If any one has an idea how to do this, please let me know."

Name: Mathilda

From: Malaysia

Date: 25th August 2011

"I'm a total fan of Agatha Christie. The plot and suspense of her stories are superb. My favs are The Murder of Roger Ackroyd and A Murder is Announced."

Name: Deb Knobelman

From: United States

Date: 28th July 2011

"love your website. I agree, Joan Hickson is Miss Marple . It's as if she grew right out of the pages of the books, fully realized. I can thoroughly enjoy Margaret Rutherford and Angela Lansbury for their own interpretations, but neither matches the Miss Marple who lives in my head. Likewise, David Suchet is Poirot for me. Peter Ustinov is so entertaining,and I enjoy those films for their own merit, but it's David Suchet I see when I read the stories. Thank you, Dame Agatha, for hours and hours of fun."

Name: Maureen Keimig

From: United States

Date: 22nd July 2011

"I find this site very interesting and love reading comments from other Agatha Christie enthusiasts."

Name: Kristiina Aalto

From: Finland

Date: 6th April 2011

"I was delighted to find this site. And I agree that the G. Mcewan character of Miss Marple was totally out of character. Especially the clothes! A lady brought up in the late-Victorian and Edwardian time would always dress properly in a suit and blouse when going about in the village. Though Agatha Christie did indicate possible homosexual and lesbian relations, the TV series scriptwriters changed them into something quite blatant which Agatha Christie would not have accepted! The worst travesty, however, was The Sittaford Mystery: Miss Marple planted into a story totally different from the original."

Name: Rafe

From: United Kingdom

Date: 21st March 2011

"Watching Margaret Rutherford in "Murder Most Foul" on DVD over the weekend has made me look at some Marple / Agatha Christie web-sites today. I'm very pleased to see that, although Joan Hickson comes out top as Marple (with which I agree) Margaret Rutherford's portrayal also gets a lot of praise."

Name: Emily Riley

From: United States

Date: 15th March 2011

"Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and opinions on Agatha Christie's character Miss Marple. I enjoy her so very much!"

Name: Farzin Gherabat

From: Iran

Date: 3rd February 2011

"Agatha Christie is one of the best authors ever! Thanks for this wonderful website and good luck!"

Name: Philip Gundill

From: United Kingdom

Date: 19th December 2010

"Fascinating, comprehensive site and a joy to use."

Name: Brenda Tucker

From: United States

Date: 6th December 2010

"A wonderful website filled with so much information. I really enjoy it."

Name: Gauri Pawar

From: India

Date: 28th October 2010

"Agatha rules the world of crime!"

Name: Lynee Bonifacio

From: Philippines

Date: 26th October 2010

"I love reading Agatha Christie novels, full of suspense and mystery."

Name: Bing

From: United Kingdom

Date: 26th October 2010

"I like this website - it has a lot about Agatha Christie, I'm a huge fan - especially for Poirot."

Name: KC Recto

From: Philippines

Date: 20th October 2010

"I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie since I was in high school. Until now, her books and DVDs featuring her stories were a great and comforting companion to me through all the stages of my life. I salute to the genius of Agatha Christie!"

Name: Elisabeth Vicente

From: Brazil

Date: 20th October 2010

"I'm fan number one! Congratulations for the site"

Name: Rachel Nell

From: South Africa

Date: 18th October 2010


Thanx so much for your informative site! I've often come back to it, just to catch up on various things I've forgotten over the years. I've just re-read my Tommy and Tuppence adventures, and they remain as ever, my favourite amateur sleuths!

I've also owned a copy of 'The Pale Horse' and 'Endless Night' for a number of years, but found them both very difficult reading. However I decided recently to persevere with 'The Pale Horse', and found that even though I cracked it, it was most enjoyable and thoroughly clever! I even mentioned it to my husband, who prefers sci-fi and fantasy to mystery novels. I'm surprised that you don't make mention of 'The Pale Horse' here. I am interested to know your thoughts!

'Endless Night' continues to sit on my bookshelf, as it's a book that is completely different from the Christie norm, so to speak. I think I got halfway and gave it up, because it took so long to get going into the actual mystery.

I've just finished reading 'Postern of Fate' (hmmm, not a favourite, for sure, too many unanswered questions), and now I am trying to decide which one next... :)

Thanx again


Rachel Nell."

Name: María Irene Ríos

From: Argentina

Date: 18th October 2010

"Hello, Mary! Wonderful work. My favourite is Towards Zero: Amazing study of criminal mind from the early beginning."

Name: Elsa Yagi

From: Japan

Date: 17th October 2010

"I love this website:-) I'll keep myself coming back here. Thank you so much for making this."

Name: Jackie Terry

From: Philippines

Date: 15th October 2010

"I'm a big fan of Agatha. Thanks for the great many writings. :)"

Name: Aniruddha Gokhale

From: India

Date: 15th October 2010

"Very good Work for gathering the AGATHA CHRISTIE fans :-)"

Name: Silvano

From: Italy

Date: 15th October 2010

"I love her books! I read them all!"

Name: Abhishek Behera

From: India

Date: 14th October 2010

"It is so good to know about such a great author. Two thumbs up for the site."

Name: Gillian Asiya Stirrup

From: United Kingdom

Date: 9th September 2010

"A great site. I'm on vacation in Torquay at the moment, the home place of Agatha :)"

Name: Holly Day

From: Belgium

Date: 17th August 2010

"I've read all Agatha Christie's books when I was a child, sold my entire collection when I was 15 and re-bought all of them in my 20's. Re-sold all of them in my 30s and am in the process to re-build my AC collection.

I just can't stop reading them.

My favourite hero is Hercule Poirot, of course, as he's a fellow - I'm Belgian too - but mostly I like the British mood, ambiance, class and humour.

Among the best Hercule Poirot performers, I'd place Mr David Suchet, OBE, who masters a Shakespeare's role as well as any trivia role. He's the best; his "Belgian" accent and while French is a language he doesn't master at all, is excellent.

As for Miss Marple, I definitely liked the performance of Ms Joan Hickson. I'd second Mrs Christie Mallowan in that Ms Hickson was THE Miss Marple.

Ms McEwan and Mc Kenzie aren't as good as Ms Hickson and the scenarios are so complicated and far from the original ones that I still wonder why their writers didn't change both titles and heroine's name. Most of these episodes are filled with nowadays cliches; which weren't considered in these times and, for some, often forbidden.

I even had to buy Nemesis because I watched the 2007 Nemesis film (with Mc Ewan) and had to make sure I didn't lose my mind and remembered the actual story. What a mess!

Anyway, this site is really entertaining and well done!

Thanks for such a gift!"

Name: Marsha Lehmer

From: United States

Date: 9th August 2010

"While recovering from an accident I found it difficult to read - even some of my favorite authors - instead I have been enjoying listening to the many audio presentations of well-known authors. There has been a great deal of improvement in this field lately as many interesting stories are being read in unabridged form by fine artists.

Of course I have developed a huge collection of Christie stories and I recently decided to listen to them in chronological order to get a sense of her development and try to recreate the anticipation that readers had for the next book. What a feeling it must have been to look forward to "A Christie for Christmas" as her books were published annually.

I have discovered that I prefer Hugh Fraser's audio performance as Poirot even more than the master David Suchet for Hugh can get the right subte tone of voice for the interpretation of his female characters. Joan Hickson fortunately recorded many of the Miss Marple stories. An old favorite, Robin Bailey, is almost impossible to obtain, and many of his Catherine Aird tapes are so worn out as to be unintelligible

I was moved to write to you for I was struck by many similarities in our background and reading interests. It will be a pleasure to check back with you periodically to see what is happening and share some ideas."

Name: Cyndy Jones

From: United Kingdom

Date: 5th August 2010

"I think I have read every one of Agatha Christie's books plus short stories and am an absolute fanatic about her work. I love the quizzes and newsletters I get. Really looking to the Agatha Christie Festival in Torquay in September."

Name: Line Dalile

From: United Arab Emirates

Date: 21st July 2010

"I'm a HUGE fan of Agatha Chrisite. She is an amazing writer, I've read 7 of her novels and I'm now working on mine! She is a big inspiration to me."

Name: Precy Ponsones

From: Philippines

Date: 9th July 2010

"I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie and I enjoy reading how all her detectives: Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, Tommy and Tuppence work!"

Name: Joey Garcia

From: United States

Date: 29th May 2010

"Few authors can make a novel so intricate and interwoven as Agatha Christie!"

Name: Andie Baek

From: South Korea

Date: 7th April 2010

"I have been a big fan myself for over 30 years. Nice to meet your website!"

Name: P Carmack

From: United States

Date: 24th February 2010

"Hello from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan!"

Name: Brigid Grimwood

From: Australia

Date: 17th February 2010

"Vive Papa Poirot - he always has the right advice for someone troubled in love. He sees into the soul of other characters and really understands why they did awful things (not just murder). No wonder they feel relieved to confess to Papa Poirot. But he never condones murder, even during the occasions where he does not hand the murderer(s) over to the law. He is amazing !

Thank you for taking the time to create such a great website - excellent book reviews. However I feel you are being a bit harsh on Geraldine McEwan as Miss Marple. I think she has done a great job in this role given the totally weird screenplays/adaptations. How on earth would Miss Marple react if she realised that she was staying with raging lesbians (A Murder Is Announced)?

I think Miss Marple may have enjoyed reading a pathology report at bedtime - if she could get access to it (4.50 From Paddington). Geraldine McEwan's interpretation of Marple in 'The Body In The Library' was believable and true to character. What let that episode down was the completely unbelievable and ridiculous ending.

To finish, I do think that McEwan has perfected the 'little bird-like' mannerisms and 'fluffy old lady disguising a sharp intellect' characteristics of Marple as described in various novels. McEwan portrays Marple with certain 'youthful' characteristics such as busy social life, impulsiveness, tenaciousness, disobedience, cheeky wit and obvious enjoyment in conversation/gossip. She is also a bit manipulative. This endears her to the younger characters who then willingly provide her with interesting information so she can determine 'whodunnit'!"

Name: Anna Tatton

From: United Kingdom

Date: 14th February 2010

"Dear Mary

Congratulations on your website - I love it!

I haven't seen Agatha Christie's autobiography reviewed here - a brilliant book with wonderful glimpses into the possible inspirations for the characters in Christie's books - eg the French cafe owner she met as a child inspiring Poirot.

Her life story has not been portrayed adequately in my opinion - the films being terrible compared to the adaptations of her stories, yet her life is just as entertaining!

Apart from the Murder Mystery weekends I would appreciate knowing where I could experience a more academic appraisal of Christie's influence. Like Shakespeare, her stories, characters and dialogue translate to the stage and screen so well. I don't understand why she is not as well respected in academic circles.

Well done."

Name: Harrison

From: United Kingdom

Date: 17th January 2010

"I love the Miss Marple tea bit. I went to my local antique shop just to buy a tea stainer, I can't wait to say "all my afternoon teas are instructed by Miss Marple!. Many thanks for a great website."

Name: Beth

From: United States

Date: 7th January 2010

"Such great fun perusing your website. THANK YOU!!!!"

Name: Sarah Burns

From: United Kingdom

Date: 6th January 2010

"Having watched the McEwan and Hickson versions of "The Body in the Library" back to back (they were both on TV during the Xmas break!), I have to concur with your comments on the two Marples. Whilst McEwan's 'Body' is nowhere as indescribably bad as her 'Sleeping Murder' (new lesbian storyline notwithstanding), it still has too much flash and not enough charm.

I also agree that Julia McKenzie's Marple is far better than McEwan's, both in the performance of the main character and the retelling of the story. I imagine ITV got fed up with the backlash from dedicated Marple fans and decided to cut back on their ridiculous flights of fancy."

Name: Lawrence (Larry) Davis

From: Australia

Date: 24th December 2009

"Wonderful Website - I now have it in my bookmarks. Thank you so much for putting all this together in one site. Do I have to join? I will do so if necessary. Keep Smiling! Larry."

Name: Lucy Collins

From: United Kingdom

Date: 24th November 2009

"I'm 13 and I love Agatha Christie's work it has inspired me to learn more about it. I am a fan of Miss Marple and Poirot so it was good to find out a bit more about what Agatha thought of their characters. I would also like to add, what a a delightful webpage."

Name: Jo

From: United States

Date: 2nd November 2009

"What a delightful website. Agatha Christie has a great understanding of human nature. I can re-read and re-read her."

Name: Leigh

From: United States

Date: 28th October 2009

"Thank you so much for the Christmas Murder Mystery you have posted. I love Agatha and have tried to read most of her books. Great web site. Thank you for sharing!"

Name: Wanda Wakkinen

From: United States

Date: 24th October 2009

"Great website!"

Name: Sergio Ivan Ramos Figueroa

From: Mexico

Date: 15th October 2009

"Hi, Thank you so much for doing this's Terrific!!! It was a pleasure reading all about my favorite Novel Crime Writer. Greetings from Mexico!"

Name: Rosemary London

From: United Kingdom

Date: 30th September 2009

"I agree about the new Miss Marple, Julia makes a good Miss Marple, but the terrible adaptation and filming!!! I doubt I will be watching any more. Geraldine McEwan, although an excellent actress was hopeless in the part. Just let's hope they don't start on Poirot."

Name: Carolyn Bowkett

From: United Kingdom

Date: 27th September 2009

"Great site about the greatest crime writer ever! I started reading her books in 1974 when I was 15. I collected every one and named my daughter after Carla in 5 Little Pigs. I would have loved to meet her."

Name: Loraine Luman

From: United States

Date: 11th September 2009

"I have loved Agatha Christie novels for years and am trying to build up a collection of her books. They are far better than the movies. However, I have to admit, I like the ending of the movie versions of "And Then There Were None" & "Three Little Indians" more than the novel. I do like the happy endings."

Name: Barbara Star

From: United States

Date: 22nd July 2009

"Thank you for a wonderful site. Interesting tidbits about AC and great photos. I have many of her books and all the Joan Hickson dvds. "A Murder is Announced" is my favorite. Agree with you about the Geraldine McEwan Miss Marple. Would love your thoughts on the new ones airing on PBS Mystery."

Name: Matthew Rawland

From: United States

Date: 25th June 2009

"Thanks for the great site honoring one of my favorite authors!"

Name: Fadia Sabra

From: Lebanon

Date: 22nd June 2009

"I adore Agatha Christie"

Name: Anni Eifert

From: Germany

Date: 17th June 2009

"Thank you so much for this excellent website. Loved her books, since I was a child and for me she is a very special and the best crime novel writer ever."

Name: Madeleine Tiktin

From: United States

Date: 8th June 2009

"Just finished reading And Then There Were None - interesting how the "ending" was different from the movie, tho' close - Can't wait to get to my next Agatha!"

Name: Tugce Gezek

From: Turkey

Date: 7th June 2009

"Thanks for presenting such an informative site for all Agatha Christie lovers! she is the best crime novel writer I have ever read! I admire her intelligence and of course her surprising novel ends. Thank you!"

Name: Jo

From: Singapore

Date: 19th May 2009

"I love reading her novels and watching the dramatization on TV too. Nice website."

Name: Deslie Northcote

From: Australia

Date: 12th May 2009

"I have been an Agatha Christie fan for many years now. I would like to thank you for such a wonderful website. I found you because I was looking for a photo of Miss Marple (Joan Hickson) and Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) together, which I had seen a long time ago and found it on your wonderful website. Once again, thank you. I will now become a regular reader."

Name: Sophia Chen

From: China

Date: 21st April 2009

"Glad to find this place. I am a big fan of Agatha Christie. Happy to know there are so many people like her and her books too."

Name: Marisa Galli

From: Argentina

Date: 12th April 2009

"It is wonderful to know there are other people who love, enjoy and read Agatha Christie's books all over the world. Thank you very much for providing info and comments on this extraordinary writer and her works. Best regards from La Pampa, Argentina."

Name: Mrittika

From: India

Date: 28th March 2009

"The books of Agatha Christie are just superb and filled with suspense and action. I am a great fan of hers, I am reading her books from my school days and now I am in college but still I love reading her books."

Name: Eric Stockberger

From: United States

Date: 27th March 2009

"The A.B.C. Murders' is my favorite!"

Name: Janet McCormack

From: United States

Date: 25th March 2009

"I love Agatha Christie and my only problem with her books is that all my copies are horribly beaten from being read so many times. Thanks for the website."

Name: Nicole Allard

From: Canada

Date: 23rd March 2009

"The first time I read Agatha Christie was when I worked in a beauty salon, I was 17, it was a slow day, someone told me he had a good book in his drawer. I read it non stop and was hooked. I bought all of her books, read them all several times. She's the queen of mistery."

Name: Nazeen Hossain

From: India

Date: 21st March 2009

"I am an ardent fan of Christie books, simply thrive on them. It was great to be here!"

Name: Madeleine Tiktin

From: United States

Date: 20th March 2009

"This is a wonderful wealth of information, thank you for providing such a valuable service to us Christiephilles!"

Name: Nigel Crooks

From: UK

Date: 18th March 2009

"I've just discovered this site! I'm looking forward to lots more visits."

Name: Preetam Nayak

From: India

Date: 17th March 2009

"I'm a die hard fan of Agatha Christie. I love her books. She's the best."

Name: Dijana Stojanoska

From: Macedonia

Date: 13th March 2009

"My favorite book writer. I've been in her room at the Pera Palas Hotel in Istanbul 7 times. I love her books."

Name: Xia Yu

From: China

Date: 11th March 2009


Name: Anida Susa

From: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date: 2nd March 2009

"I like her books, I`m her fan. Simply the best!"

Name: Nina

From: Yugoslavia (former)

Date: 24th February 2009

"Great site! Wonderful! I'm enjoying my stay here!"

Name: Zarin Badar

From: India

Date: 8th February 2009

"Her books are amazing."

Name: Stephen New

From: United States

Date: 5th February 2009


Name: Mick Scrimshaw

From: United Kingdom

Date: 4th February 2009

"I've just started reading AC's books and have already started collecting them. I've also encouraged my 11 year old daughter to read a couple of them, and we both agree The man in the Brown Suit is our favourite.

Name: Tisha

From: India

Date: 3rd February 2009

"Lovely site, Hercule Poirot is simply the best."

Name: Luis Moreno

From: Spain

Date: 2nd February 2009

"Tengo 83 años y empecé a conocer la obra de Agatha cuando era joven. Está en mi biblioteca y sigo disfrutando con sus historias."

Name: Anusha Rudhra

From: India

Date: 1st February 2009

"I'm a great fan of Mr Poirot."

Name: Andy Seaward

From: UK

Date: 29th January 2009

"I like your site very much. I knew Mrs Mallowen (AC) well from when I was 5 until I was 16. During these years she lived in our village for a great deal of the year and came to our church. She was always happy talking to children but was very shy in public. Ariadne Oliver was definitely based on her - she said so and it was obvious. She was a lovely lady and did many things quietly for the local community."

Name: Shelley O'Neill

From: Ireland

Date: 29th January 2009

"I love Agatha Christie. 'And The There Were None' is the most spine chilling book that I have ever read. Great website!!! Thanks!!!!"

Name: Elaine Robinson

From: United States

Date: 29th January 2009

"I have compiled a list of Agatha Christie's books and am going to read them in order. I have been a fan since I was a child. My mother was a fan and I read her Agatha Christie books. I know I have read some of these books, but there are many that haven't read. This especially true of the early books. For example, I have never read the books introducing Poirot and Miss Marple. I am glad to have found this website."

Name: Daniela-Felicia Roman

From: Romania

Date: 24th January 2009

"I am excited about her books!"

Name: Rasleen

From: India

Date: 22nd January 2009

"I love Christie too. Why did she have to die? I have read all her books and now I am not satisfied with the work of any other mystery writer. Her style is unique. If anyone knows an author whose style matches her or whose work is as good as her, please get in touch."

Name: Odia Van Loggerenberg

From: South Africa

Date: 19th January 2009

"Thank you for the website."

Name: Susana

From: Forte

Date: 16th January 2009

"Wonderful Site!!! Have nearly all the books. Unfortunately the last I bought just to replace a lost one was translated into "American English". What a loss!"

Name: Soumya Mohapatra

From: India

Date: 15th January 2009

"Beautiful site, a perfect ode to the Goddess of Mystery :). Am such a big fan of Agatha Christie that it was a childhood dream to read all her novels (at least the Poirot/Marple/Ariadne series). Made sure I achieved that by the time I was working and married. This is such a good forum to get in touch with like minded Agatha devotees :)."

Name: Marta

From: Spain

Date: 11th January 2009

"Hi Mary,

Thanks for your website, it is brilliant! I am a 34 years old Spanish fan of Agatha Christie and I like to read there are many others like me around the world. I started reading the novels my mum treasured at home and I hope my kids will continue to read them when they grow old. Thanks for putting together so much information - specially about the characters. Keep up the good work!"

Name: Jamie Ritter

From: United States

Date: 7th January 2009

"I have been in awe of Agatha Christie since I was a little girl. I have read every one of her books at least twenty times and I own all of her Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple CDS."

Name: Rena McGrath

From: United States

Date: 3rd January 2009

"I have read all of her books and for me it's a toss up between Hercule Poirot and/or Miss Marple. They're both such great characters that they feel like friends. Lately I lost two of my cats in a short time and rereading a lot of my favorite Christie books helped keep me sane. I love your site."

Name: Andy Koh

From: Indonesia

Date: 2nd January 2009

"Hi Mary, glad to know that a great website for a big fan of Agatha Christie like me finally exists. I've been her fan since I was in junior grade. Her novels with the exciting methods really amaze me and I truly am hypnotized by the way of the story-telling and brilliant problem-solving. Nobody would ever stand a chance with her Hercule Poirot and Jane Marple.

Still fresh in mind, the first novel I read was The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, and my all-time favorites are Murder On The Orient Express and And Then There Were None. And I've just finished reading Hercule Poirot's Christmas, a nice coincidence, eh?

Well, that's all from me. Keep up the good work Mary. Thank you!"

Name: Rebeckah McElroy

From: USA

Date: 26th December 2008

"I am currently in high school writing a college essay on Agatha Christie for my dual credit A.P. English Literature class. I must say that this site helped me immensely in my research and that Agatha Christie is my all time favorite author. Her ingenious puzzles, brilliant deception, and the surprise denouement in her novels leave me wondering how I never figured it all out in the first place. Thank you so much for your help!"

Name: Elisabeth Anne

From: UK

Date: 26th December 2008

"Wow. This provides so much information. You've really done her justice. You've created a really wonderful website and I appreciate all of the work you've put into it. Thank you so much!"

Name: Lucia Leites

From: Uruguay

Date: 19th December 2008

"Llevo mas de 20 años leyendo a christie tengo 29 tengo 81 obras publicadas por ella y su autobiografia la leo siempre saludos a todos"

Name: Nina

From: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Date: 8th December 2008


Novels of Agatha Christie, and also films inspired by them, are very popular in my country. I think they are work of brilliant mind really! I've read most of Agatha's novels, and I think David Suchet is THE best Poirot ever! (I saw him after I read most of the novels, and he was the one! :)"

Name: Diletta Galvanin

From: Italy

Date: 5th December 2008

"I always used to read Agatha's books before going to sleep, but then I couldn't close the book without reading another chapter...Thanks, Diletta"

Name: Abhishek Kumar Mandal

From: India

Date: 4th December 2008

"Hello, I'm a great fan of Agatha and I would like to say that there was no one great writer except her. And I would consider myself very pleased if I enter her fans list. Thanks for this great website. I love her mysteries."

Name: Shweta Arya

From: India

Date: 29th November 2008

"It's always so nice to read Agatha Christie books."

Name: Marcos Alejandro

From: Peru

Date: 21st November 2008

"Siempre he encontrado que las ciencias son exactas y precisas, pero cuando no puedo con ellas recurro siempre al metodo de investigacion deductiva. Lo aprendi del Gran Hercule Poirot y de la agudez de Miss Marple. Las historias de Agatha Christie me enseñaron a que nada escapa al ojo agudo a la logica y la tautologia. Pocas libros le han dado tanto a ejercicio a mi cerebro como los escrito por esta magistral autora del Misterio y la Intriga. Gracias Agatha Christie donde quiera que Dios te tenga."

Name: Aurora

From: United States

Date: 21st November 2008

"Thanks for the great website. Christie's mysteries are always a mini vacation to Victorian imagination!"

Name: Luisa Mendez

From: Dominican Republic

Date: 19th November 2008

"I have read not too many books of Agatha but the ones I have read have dazzled me. I like to read a lot, but once I start reading Agatha I get so excited as if I were in a roller coaster I really don't know how to explain it. My favorite is miss Jane Marple. I love all Agatha's characters I think I have read like 10 or 12 of her books, I really don't know because I used to read them when I was 12 and then stopped because at my age I didn't know how to get more of her books, I just used to read the ones my mom had.

The first one I read was And Then There Were None after that I have read it like three more times, anyways in my country the name of the book is *los diez negritos* ten little black kids, but i know it is called ten little indians. If you haven't read any of her books yet I recommend you read this one first to decide if you want to continue with her or not, surely you will! as i did. I want to read all of her books and I am already making a collection of them but I want to know the list from the first one to the last one; does anyone knows that? love you all!"

Name: Usha

From: India

Date: 15th November 2008

"I'm a big fan of Agatha Christie. I recently bought all her books and completed my home library."

Name: Cleo Dara

From: Indonesia

Date: 15th November 2008

"I'm glad I found this website!"

Name: MonAmi Banerjee

From: India

Date: 14th November 2008

"Hello, I am an AC fan for a long time. I read your Marple vs. Poirot article. I have written my observations too in my blog, its not the same as yours, but you might like to read and comment on it."

Name: Claudia Gonçalves

From: Portugal

Date: 9th November 2008

"Hi. I'm a huge Agatha fan almost since I learned how to read. Now I'm showing my daughter how can Agatha's work be intemporal!"

Name: Prasanna Daz

From: India

Date: 3rd November 2008

"I was never a fan of Agatha Christie before tho' I've read one or two of her books. But as I read on I feel an enthusiasm to know more about her. Thank you for arousing my interest."

Name: Ayse Koroglu

From: Turkey

Date: 1st November 2008

"I read many (may be all) of her novels and plays. Every now and then, whenever I feel blue and wish to occupy my mind, I read them again. Once she was in my country, stayed in Istanbul at Pera Palas where they named the room she stayed, after her. I've seen all the films made from her books, and some about her. She is incredible. All I can say thanks Allah/God/universe for sending her to us, and thanks for letting me find her work."

Name: Inung Kirei

From: Indonesia

Date: 31st October 2008

"I'm collecting her books. Hope my children will read and like them"

Name: Lisbeth Pena

From: Belize

Date: 29th October 2008

"Awesome writer, nothing but the best should be expected from her novels. Really great!"

Name: Megha Goidani

From: India

Date: 29th October 2008

"Agatha Christie is 1 among millions."

Name: Angelo Lazzaroni

From: Italy

Date: 28th October 2008

"Non ho ancora avuto modo di visitare come si deve il sito ma penso proprio che troverò del materiale interessante! Ciao a tutti!"

Name: Kai-Lee

From: Malaysia

Date: 27th October 2008

"Hello there! So glad to discover a site dedicated to Christie. I've been a fan of her since I was 13, that was 5 years ago. The first book I read was "Murder on the Links" (found it in school library), anyway, I live in a small town so I'm unable to find any titles that I haven't read. The books here are expensive so I can't afford them. So far I've read about 50 titles and sorry if my English is not good. Thanks Mary!"

Name: Yasmin Khatri

From: Tanzania

Date: 26th October 2008

"Agatha Christie has always been my favourite author since I was a teenager. Now my two teenage children are her fans as well. Once I take up her book I just can't put it down. By the way, I'm a children's story writer."

Name: Farika Arbak

From: Malaysia

Date: 16th October 2008

"Hi. Been an Agatha fan since I was 13 years old, and that was in 1989. Have read most of her books since my mum's a collector too. Missed reading her books "I don't know how many times" since I moved out of the house."

Name: Karen Metallo

From: USA

Date: 15th October 2008

"I've been a fan of Agatha Christie since high school. I love her mysteries."

Name: Leon Goins

From: USA

Date: 13th October 2008

"I just discovered this site and I am thrilled! A.C. mysteries have always been a favorite of mine and I have read some of the books many times over. I started reading the books when I was still in high school and I am now 62. A nieghborhood lady let me borrow the first ones I read and I couldn't wait to get to a bookstore to buy others. I bought them in paperback (only 25 cents back then and all I could afford).

I agree, Joan Hickson is the quintessential Miss Marple. The new one,McEwan, just doesn't do it for me. I can't stand her voice. And there will never be another Poirot other than David Suchet. Absolute perfection! I look forward to visiting the site many times and perhaps I will have more to offer in the future."

Name: Jennifer Freeman

From: USA

Date: 12th October 2008

"Hello, Mary!

I love your web-site, it's like an Agatha world! I graduated from reading Nancy Drew mysteries to Agatha's as a teen! Now, when I am ill, or having a bad day I read an Agatha, like comfort food! Finding this web-site has been a treat."

Name: Nirmala Naganathan

From: India

Date: 6th October 2008

"The human mind and behaviour under different circumstances is some thing on which very few could talk or write and presto! she is there to throw light. captivating. she still lives"

Name: Christine McKenna

From: Australia

Date: 29th September 2008

"I read AC voraciously when still a teenager, some 40 years ago, that's why I need spectacles now, VBG. I'm sure I could re-read all of them now and still enjoy them just as much. Thanks for your site,



Name: Debbie

From: USA

Date: 16th September 2008

"I love Hercule Poirot and Captain Hastings, but where would they be without Miss Lemon and Inspector Japp? They need to be included in this site too!"


Hello Debbie

I do take your point about Miss Lemon and Inspector Japp, but I think it needs to be remembered that these two characters (particularly Miss Lemon) appear in very few of the original novels Miss Lemon in fact is only to be found in five novels and apart from Hickory, Dickory Dock, the part she plays in these stories is relatively unimportant.

Inspector Japp appears in only eight Christie novels, but his presence is of more significance and it has always been my intention to devote a page to him on my website. Of course, both these characters are very much in evidence in David Suchet’s early TV versions of the books, appearing in practically all of them. (The same, of course, can be said of Hastings, but these three really add to the TV adaptations and are a most acceptable ‘deviation.’

As a result of your guest book entry, I shall certainly do an article, not only on Inspector Japp but also on Miss Lemon, and I am grateful for your suggestion. The input from genuine Agatha Christie fans is always welcome. Thanks again. Mary

Name: Santiago

From: Spain

Date: 10th September 2008

"Hi, I'm a 29 years old fan of the fabulous Dame Agatha Christie and her world. This is a great website, congratulations!"

Name: J Ashley

From: UK

Date: 25th August 2008

"Hi, just discovered the site. I, too, found an Agatha Christie book on my parents' bookshelves when I was 10. 'Evil Under The Sun', from that moment I was hooked and have been collecting her novels printed by Fontana, illustrated by Tom Adams for a few years now. I've just got my daughter to read one after watching TV programmes and she loved it."

Name: Sue McCoy

From: USA

Date: 22nd August 2008

"60 odd years of reading her wonderful books and now Marple, Poirot dvds, heaven."

Name: Katja Brouwer

From: Netherlands

Date: 20th August 2008

"What a great website! I was looking for info on Tommy and Tuppence Beresford (having just bought the last 3 titles). So now I know there are 2 more to collect. Thanks!"

Name: Shampa Chatterjee

From: India

Date: 18th August 2008

"Agatha Christie novels are equally interesting and breath holding. Suspense, thrill, excitement are invariably part n parcel or her work. It's hard to put down any of her books without unveiling the mask of suspense."

Name: Aliza Samad

From: Malaysia

Date: 12th August 2008

"Was glad to come across your website. Have spread the pleasure of reading Agatha's writings to my daughters and they too love her."

Name: Sudhakar Mishra

From: India

Date: 12th August 2008

"Hi. I m a big fan of Agatha so thanks a lot for the work"

Name: Anne Birch

From: United Kingdom

Date: 2nd August 2008

"Hello Mary,

I have just stumbled upon your website and its like finding gold. I love it. I find the official Agatha website extremely boring.

I have been a fan for over 30 years. My first book was The Hollow when I was 12.

I have been lucky enough to spend a weekend on Burgh Island (with Evil under the Sun of course) and at Christmas went on a Nile cruise.

I hope to go on the Orient Express some day too.

I regularly visit Torquay - its one of my favourite places.

Thank you for such a wonderful website."

Name: Ronald Powell

From: United States

Date: 2nd August 2008

"Love her books!!!"

Name: Venny Elhaitammy

From: Indonesia

Date: 2nd August 2008

"Hello I'm Venny. I like to read many books by Agatha Christie. I like Hercule Poirot, nice stories that make me want to read them again."

Name: Julie Cooke

From: United Kingdom

Date: 1st August 2008

"I too followed the route from Enid Blyton 5's and 7's and aged 11 turned to Agatha's novels and after the first one was hooked on them. A lifelong love of all things Agatha Christie has followed. A lovely writer that has given so much pleasure and hours of enjoyment and whodunnit puzzlement for which I give many thanks."

Name: Yamini Pathak

From: India

Date: 29th July 2008

"Twenty years ago I read The Body in The Library and it was the first time I had read a detective story. Two months back, while browsing through a book store, I was surprised to see a huge Agatha Christie collection. I bought three books and I have finished reading Black Coffee, which I enjoyed immensely. I have fallen in love with Agatha Christie's style of writing and narration. It hooks you. Now, I want to own her whole collection."

Name: Jonathan Parkin

From: United Kingdom

Date: 27th July 2008

"Hi Mary

After finally visiting your site, a year after you told me about it during 'When We Are Married', I'm very impressed. I love the design and how easy it is to use, and the various sections are a joy to read, especially how to create a Miss Marple Afternoon Tea, although hopefully I won't have to solve a murder first!!!"

Name: Letty Cancel

From: Puerto Rico

Date: 23rd July 2008

"I started reading her books because of my grandmother she was a fan. It gave many hours of pleasure and made me a more avid reader in school. Now my grandmother is no longer alive but forever I will be grateful to her for giving me my first Agatha Christie book to read. I loved my grandmother dearly and every time a read a mystery book, I think of my grandmother."

Name: Kais Abuzaitoun

From: Jordan

Date: 19th July 2008

"I am from Palestine. I like to read Agatha Christie's books. I like them."

Name: Sylvia Biskub

From: Germany

Date: 14th July 2008

"What a fantastic Site!! I'm also a big big Agatha Fan and of all her wonderful Detectives. My whole Room is filled with her books, movies and Cd's etc. She is the greatest Writer for all time. I could watch the movies and read her books from dusk till dawn. Many best wishes and all the best."

Name: Jennifer Strong

From: USA

Date: 13th July 2008

"I have been a fan of hers since reading her last book sleeping murder when I was in my early teens and have been hooked since!"

Name: Sonali Mukhopadhyay

From: India

Date: 12th July 2008

"Chanced upon this wonderful site. You'd be mortified to know that I haven't read a single Christie mystery, but then I'd say I too would need that stumbling-upon moment so to speak. Actually thought of starting with "Sleeping Murder" which is ironically her last Miss Marple case. What do you suggest?"


Dear Sonali

So glad you like my site and welcome to the wonderful world of Agatha Christie. It doesn't really matter too much which order you read Agatha's novels in but if you are wanting to start with Miss Marple, why not read The Murder at the Vicarage first. This is where we are introduced to her and get a description of how she looks etc.

Also, when you start on Hercule Poirot, try to read 'The Mysterious Affair at Styles' first. Do try to avoid 'Curtain, Poirot's Last Case' until you have read several Poirot books - I think you need to familiarise yourself with him to really get the most out of his final breathtaking performance. This is not so important with Miss Marple, I think, but I would still leave Sleeping Murder until you have read a few more of her cases.

Happy reading, Sonali, and keep looking in on the site - it's getting updated all the time.



Name: Martha Orozco

From: Columbia

Date: 12th July 2008

"Agatha Christie is the mystery master! Her books are the best!"

Name: Ester Farias de Souza

From: Brazil

Date: 17th May 2008

"I'm a fan of Agatha Christie!"

Name: Mick

From: Canada

Date: 11th May 2008

"Thanks for the nice site. My fave AC books are:

  • Murder on the orient express
  • The ABC Murders
  • And Then There Were None
  • Towards Zero
  • Evil Under The Sun
  • Sittaford Mystery
  • And I never guessed whodunit."

    Name: Carolina Parietti

    From: Argentina

    Date: 9th May 2008

    "I really felt I identified with the anecdote of how you became hooked by Agatha Christie. Something similar happened to me at the age of 10, being at an uncle's house, bored to death and finding a tiny edition of " A murder is announced". Since then, I have never stopped reading Miss Christie, about Miss Christie and following her works' steps everywhere. Thanks for the site!"

    Name: Eric Reynolds

    From: Canada

    Date: 29th April 2008

    "As a boy of 10 I read my first full novel. It was called "And Then There Were None". Fifty two years later I believe I have read all of Agatha Christie's novels; many of them more than once. I have just finished "Death Comes As The End". I have been and always will be an Agatha Christie fan. I have enjoyed visiting your web site. Well done!"

    Name: Kalyan

    From: India

    Date: 27th April 2008

    "Hi. We are working on the western influence on Bengali (An Indian regional language) detective fiction. Your website's going to help a lot.

    Best wishes.


    Name: Hedda Acosta

    From: USA

    Date: 20th April 2008

    "Hi Mary. I've always loved Agatha and now that I'm a teacher, I've assigned "Murder on the Orient Express" to my 10th grade Language Arts class. Your website is helpful and wonderful. Thank you."

    Name: Ivica Novak

    From: Denmark

    Date: 16th April 2008

    "Great website. I love Agatha"

    Name: Paul Smith

    From: UK

    Date: 10th April 2008

    "Great website. My favourite story is The ABC Murders."

    Name: Elly K

    From: Indonesia

    Date: 7th April 2008

    "Hi Mary, you have a great website! As an avid AC fan, I never got tired of googling and wiki-ing her from time to time. It's amazing how I found new info every time I clicked a link! I really love AC and I'm a Marple admirer. I like her better than Poirot. My AC collection is almost complete, just missing a title or two.

    Thanks for creating this site, keep on sleuthing!



    Name: Dwayne Colvin

    From: United States

    Date: 30th March 2008

    "Great site, thanks."

    Name: Glen

    From: Australia

    Date: 28th March 2008

    "Wonderful website for all Agatha Christie fans...most interesting and enjoyable, as is every one of her books."

    Name: Kris Biscuit

    From: Jamaica

    Date: 19th March 2008

    "I am a great fan of Agatha Christie.."

    Name: Ms. O'hara

    From: Philippines

    Date: 9th February 2008

    "I'm a huge fan of agatha christie. Before internet invaded the world, i read her profile thru encyclopedias. I have been collecting her books since 1990 after my literature professor recommended to read an AC book. and then there were none, murder on the orient express, crooked house, & the murder of roger ackroyd are among my favorites."

    Name: Peter & Susan Hadfield

    From: UK

    Date: 7th January 2008

    "Thank you for a lovely website we often use it as a source of answers to family arguments (and the source for some others). keep up the good work. Pete n Sue."

    Name: William Wilson

    From: USA

    Date: 4th January 2008

    "Nice site! I definitely agree Joan Hickson is the definitive Miss Marple on screen. I'm reading Agatha Christie's autobiography and I highly recommend it!"

    Name: Kevin Stiles

    From: USA

    Date: 20th December 2007

    "Hello, I am an avid Christie fan and was doing a report for school. The thesis was the fact that Adriadne was a representation of Christie and your website was a big help. My favorite Agatha Christie has got to be Peril at Endhouse, every other novel I could have guessed what the answer was before Poirot got there (except Death on the Nile), but I never saw that one coming. Thank you for the information and I congratulate you on such a wonderful website."

    Name: Brandon Harrison

    From: South Africa

    Date: 18th December 2007

    "Really informative web site on Agatha Christie. Great to have all this information in one place."

    Name: Mario González Dorado

    From: Argentina

    Date: 15th December 2007

    "Thanks to you, I was able to listen to Christie's voice for the very first time in my life. Thank you so much."

    Name: Maike Unland (aka endgegner07)

    From: Germany

    Date: 6th December 2007

    "Hey! Very nice page. It's cool that you included my music video =)) Best wishes. Maike (endgegner07)."

    Name: Mohammad Alian Nejadi

    From: Iran

    Date: 28th November 2007

    "Hi. I'm a great great fan of Agatha and have always been looking for her books in my country to read. unfortunately her books are kinda rare here but I still love her and love all her fans. Bye, Mohammad."

    Name: Manuela

    From: USA

    Date: 21st November 2007

    "I have been a fan of Agatha Christie's books for many years. Your site is very good, very informative. Thank you. Manuela"

    Name: Mary-Margaret Krantz

    From: USA

    Date: 21st November 2007

    "I am so glad that your web-site is up and running. I am going to have great times just looking at it all. Have been collecting A.C. since 1967. when my aunt gave me my very first..First Edition of the book The Big Four. and i was hooked on the books from that time on...thanks so much for the web-site. !! mary m"

    Name: Ellen James

    From: USA

    Date: 15th November 2007

    "Thank you for this wonderful tribute to Agatha Christie. I am particularly fond of the Miss Marple series, and I agree with all your Marple-related comments especially regarding the inimitable talents of Margaret Rutherford, the disappointing Geraldine McEwan, and the only true on-screen Jane Marple, Joan Hickson."

    Name: Regina

    From: Norway

    Date: 11th October 2007

    "I love to read Agatha Christie!"

    Name: Jane D Orange

    From: Philippines

    Date: 7th September 2007

    "Your site is so appreciating esp. to me an amateur about AC. Well thanks for the infos in your site... really! Can i ask, by the way how do you pronounce Hercule Poirot? Please ahehehe i don't want to mess agatha's belgian detective and kind of curious also. THANKS webmasters. KEEP UP!!!"

    Name: Carolyn Craven

    From: UK

    Date: 8th July 2007

    "Great site full of interesting info. I will certainly revisit soon."

    Name: Sheena

    From: Canada

    Date: 29th March 2007

    "I love Agatha, and I love your site. It is jam packed with goodies. I love her style, the way she thinks. I have watched Margaret Rutherford as Marple, she was terrific. However, Joan Hickson I would say was closer to the Miss Marple Agatha gave birth to."

    Name: The Right Honourable Baron von Richthofen

    From: UK

    Date: 20th March 2007

    "Positively brilliant. Very informative, very helpful. Thank you."

    Name: Cree Wolfe

    From: USA

    Date: 16th March 2007

    "I like the website, overall very informative!"

    Name: Chris

    From: UK

    Date: 20th February 2007

    "This is much better than the official Agatha website! Agatha Christie was a genius: the subtle clues that she managed to sneak past the reader/viewer never cease to amaze me. She fools me every time. Joan Hickson and David Suchet rule supreme."

    Name: Leah

    From: USA

    Date: 24th November 2006

    "Hello. Thank you for your wonderful site! I first read Agatha Christie in eighth grade, and I have never stopped since! There is a thrift store near my house and I love going there once a week to peruse the old titles, and pick up Christie books for 19 cents! I enjoy collecting old versions of the paperbacks, I have the first-edition-paperback of ''Death on the Nile'' that I found for 10 cents.

    I am currently living in Germany for the year as an exchange student, near Cologne. Although I brought a few Agatha Christies with me, I immediately read them several times and therefore miss my collection terribly. I found several books in German at a flea-market, and while I can converse in German, my language skills are not yet good enough to really enjoy a novel. Therefore, I wanted to thank you for letting me spend some time reminiscing about my favorite books on your site! It was almost like talking about it with a fellow fan. :)

    As with the neverending Marple-Poirot debate, I would have to go with your verdict: infinitely close-call, but I would have to go with Poirot. While I enjoy Miss Marple and some of her disapproving statements make me laugh, it is Poirot's never-ending vanity, yet endearing humanity, that make him come out ahead. I always laugh out loud when Poirot discusses his ''moustaches.'' As a side-note, I read The Seven Dials Mystery for the first time upon my arrival in Germany, and although I never see any discussions about it, I found the ending completely surprising! Not that every book isn't, but in this one in particular, I never would have suspected the culprit. (Don't want to ruin the ending for anyone who may have not read it yet)

    Thanks once again for your wonderful site! And sorry for making you read this short novel. :) I guess one thing, besides the obvious reasons of excellent writing and suspense, that makes me enjoy her books so much is that I feel transported back to a nostalgic time that is so perfectly created in her stories. Great to meet another fan!"

    Name: Paul

    From: Poland

    Date: 10th October 2006

    "Agatha Christie is my favourite author for over five years. My first novel was "The Murder on the Orient Express", which encouraged me to read more criminal stories written by The Queen of the Crime. She has wonderful style, she made marvellous plots and her clues are clever and brilliant. I think that the best of her books is "And Then There Were None"."

    Name: Philip Andrew Brooks

    From: UK

    Date: 5th October 2006

    "For too many years now I have enjoyed Agatha Christie's material. Long may it continue for many more generations to read."

    Name: Donna

    From: USA

    Date: 20th September 2006

    "Yes, indeed - David Suchet is Poirot, and Joan Hickson is Marple!! The story is that Christie saw Hickson on stage and told her that she wanted her to play Marple when she was older. Hickson also played a maid in one of the Rutherford Marple movies. I also agree that the new Marple series is a waste of time and film and did not like the later full-length Poirots sans Hastings and Japp. Aside from varying a great deal in plotlines, whoever made the later films seem to think that today's audiences must have obvious sex, whereas the earlier films nicely alluded to the background relationships while maintaining a wonderful period character. In our home, Suchet and Hickson are in rotation for Christie viewing marathons, with our oldest, most cultured cat in attendance and hot tea, seed cake, and scones being served!"

    Name: Brenda Braun

    From: USA

    Date: 25th July 2006

    "What a great website! I have just discovered Miss Marple on PBS & from reading from your website I learn that she isn't the best Miss Marple! I have been enthralled by watching her mysteries so I can't imagine how much more I would like the other ones. I hope to go to the Library & read some of Agatha Christie's books because believe it or not I never have! I have read the current mystery writers & when I was a child I read Nancy Drew books so I know I would love her books! Thanks for the great site!"

    Name: Mo

    From: UK

    Date: 2nd July 2006

    "Enjoyed the website, particularly liked reading about some of the old novels I haven't read for years, like the man in the brown suit and towards zero. I have put reading them on my 'to do' list. I love Poirot and never tire of his convuluted revelations at the end of the story - especially those little details Dame Agatha always included."

    Name: Päivi

    From: Finland

    Date: 28th June 2006

    "I´ve been big Agatha Christie fan for so long and I don´t never get bored reading her books. And Hercule Poirot is my favourite!"

    Name: Carole

    From: UK

    Date: 22nd June 2006

    "Hi there. Love the website. An absolute must for all Agatha Christie devotees!!"

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