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Put those little grey cells to work with the Agatha Christie quiz.

This page will include a regularly updated quiz consisting of 10 questions, some of which are considerably harder than others.

I intend to publish the answers in the All About Agatha Christie Newsletter.

Agatha Christie Quiz 1:

1. What is the name of Poirot’s manservant?

2. Who is the first person to be killed on the island in ‘And Then There Were None?

3. In which novel do we encounter Mrs Sweeetiman and Bessie Burch?

4. Who or what is the ‘Dumb Witness?’

5. What did the maid Gladys Martin have on her nose when she was found murdered?

6. What is the profession of Carlotta Adams?

7. What method of murder was used to kill Amyas Crale?

8. In which novel does Captain Hastings meet his future wife?

9. Whose sister is Mrs Hubbard?

10. Which hotel do Molly and Tim Kendal run?

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