One Two Buckle My Shoe

One Two Buckle My Shoe

It would appear that Hercule Poirot cannot even visit his dentist without murder rearing its ugly head! Poirot goes for his regular six-monthly check up and later that day, Mr Morley, the dentist in question, is found shot dead in his surgery.

At first it appears possible that Mr Morley may have committed suicide because he made a fatal mistake with one of his patients. But Hercule Poirot, and those who know their Agatha Christie, know different!

When yet another of Mr Morley’s patients is found murdered, it becomes apparent that however unlikely it may seem, there is something that connects a Greek entrepreneur, a powerful financial genius and a down-on-her-luck ex-actress. Also in the mix are Mr Morley’s secretary and her feckless and resentful boyfriend; and a hot-blooded young communist with a burning desire to destroy the status quo.

This is just one of several Agatha Christie murder mystery novels where she takes her title from a nursery rhyme (Hickory, Dickory Dock, A Pocketful of Rye etc) and she headlines each chapter with a line from the rhyme. It works very well here – the picking up of sticks (clues) and laying them straight is a clever and appropriate analogy.

This is a good, intriguing story. The time of its publication (1940) is, I believe, reflected in its slightly political overtones, but it remains essentially a typical Agatha Christie whodunit with plenty of clues and red herrings to tax the readers’ ingenuity.

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