N or M

N or M by Agatha Christie takes place at the beginning of the Second World War and features Tommy and Tuppence. The couple are now in their forties and although desperate to make an active contribution to the war effort, are frustrated to find that they are considered too old.

However, Tommy is asked by the Intelligence Service to try to smoke out an enemy agent who is believed to be living in a guesthouse in the seaside town of Leahampton.

Tuppence is not intended by the powers that be to be included, but she eavesdrops on the conversation, and naturally ends up being very much involved.

The intrepid pair, separately and under assumed names, become residents of the guesthouse and proceed to smash a dangerous spy ring Both Tommy and Tuppence face considerable danger and it is just as well that good old Albert, their office boy turned general factotum, is on hand.

Although this is not the usual murder mystery we associate with Agatha Christie, it is an exciting spy yarn and there are murders along the way. I doubt if many first time readers will guess the correct solution and it is a pleasure to meet Tommy and Tuppence again, who are still an endearing twosome, albeit considerably older.

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