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Jan 07, 2010
by: Beth

There is a Janet in a Tommy&Tuppence story --- Janet Smith, being sought after by Lord St. Vincent as he's too shy to approach her himself --- and in this story (the first major one of the Blunt's Brilliant Detectives) Tuppence promises 24-hour turnaround on the solution (which happens) on finding the lady and garners T&T a great reputation for gaining other business clients.

Nov 04, 2009
Characters named Janet
by: Mary

Hello James

Thank you for your comment. Didn't have a direct email for you, so am replying via this page. It was actually me who recommended your excellent book, which was bought for me some time ago. I intend to do a review of your book and post it on the website.



Nov 03, 2009
More Christie characters named Janet
by: James Zemboy

In addition to those mentioned in my other answer, who are only known by their first names, the following Janets also occur in Christie novels:

Janet Rowe is the nannie in Crooked House

Janet Woolmer is a parlourmaid in the same book, Crooked House.

Janet Groom is an aging housemade at Laburnums in Mrs. McGinty's Dead (British title: Blood Will Tell.

In Hallowe'en Party, there is mention of a past murder near Woodleigh Common: school teacher Janet White was strangled.

In Sleeping Murder, Major Erskine's jealous wife is named Janet.


James Zemboy

Nov 03, 2009
Christie books containing characters named Janet
by: Anonymous

In Postern of Fate there is an adolescent girl named Janet.

In The Clocks there is a typist named Janet working at the Cavendish Secretarial and Typewriting Bureau.

In Funerals Are Fatal the elderly housemaid at Enderby is named Janet.

In Nemesis a local woman who comes each day to Old Manor House to cook and do general housework is named Janet.

In Postern of Fate one of Tommy and Tuppence's grandchildren is named Janet.

In Passenger to Frankfurt an elderly Scottish woman, a servant of Professor Shoreham, is named Janet.

In Witness for the Prosecution the housemaid of the murder victim is named Janet Mackenzie.

If questions like this interest you, you may enjoy my book, The Detective Novels of Agatha Christie. At the end of the book is a complete character index of all characters, major and minor. The book may be at your local library or you may buy it from the publisher McFarland, or from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.


James Zemboy

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