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Listen to the great lady herself:

The following links come courtesy of two interviews Agatha Christie gave to the BBC. The first is a short extract from 1955 where she talks about why she started writing. The second extract is from 1962 and relates to the tenth anniversay of the mousetrap.

To listen To the clips you will need to have a program called RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you don't have RealPlayer you can download it for free by Clicking Here.

Click here to listen to the 1955 interview

Click here to listen to the 1962 interview

I wish she had the right to reply:

Very interesting and wide ranging article about the life and work of Agatha Christie. Written by Johann Hari for the Independent on Sunday in 2003.

Click here to read the article

He is a fan after all:

In you read the Johann Hari article, you might not be 100% sure whether he's a real fan of Agatha Christie or not.

The following extract from the today show on BBC Radio 4 should leave you in no doubt.

Click here to listen to the today show extract

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