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Every day I receive emails from other Agatha Christie fans telling me just exactly what they think about a wide-ranging selection of Christie related matters. We really are an opinionated lot, aren’t we?

So I got to thinking that it would be a great idea if I could share these comments with all the fellow Agatha Chrisite fans who visit the site, who could then reply with their own opinions, should they wish to do so.

With this in mind, I have decided to add this Have Your Say page to the all-about-agatha-christie website wherein Agatha Christie fans can express their thoughts about anything to do with Agatha Christie. The topic possibilities are endless, For example;

  • which is your favourite Miss Marple Story?
  • In which book you consider Hercule Poirot to be at his brilliant best?
  • Which is the best Agatha Christie story ever?
  • What you think about the current Miss Marple/Hercule Poirot television    dramatisations – do they satisfy you or make you see red?
  • What in your opinion is the best film version of an Agatha Christie story?
  • What was the first Agatha Christie book you ever read? Were you    immediately hooked?
  • Etc. etc.

    This page is an opportunity to connect with other fans of the great lady and discover what they are thinking – there is bound to be some difference of opinion, which will make for interesting and stimulating discussions.

    So go ahead, fill out the following form and have your say.

    Please rest assured that your e-mail address will not be made public.

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