Great Reasons for Advertising

The All About Agatha Christie website, newsletter and blog offer advertisers a unique opportunity to access a very large and continually growing target audience.

Since the launch of the website in January 2006 visitor numbers have increased every month. In June 2006 the website received 3043 hits and a total of 7,068 pages were accessed.

Maximum Exposure

Every day thousands of people worldwide conduct online searches for information about Agatha Christie. To get an idea of just how many, check out the Yahoo keyword selector tool. Click on the following link and type agatha christie into the 'get suggestions for' box.

At the time of writing there were 6097 searches conducted in June for Agatha Chrisite and that's just one search term from one search engine. Testament, if ever it were needed to the hugely popular and enduring appeal of the great lady.

The All About Agatha Chrisite website, not only provides comprehensive quality content but is also designed to generate maximum exposure.

Search engine optimisation:

Every page on the website has been built around a common keyword used by people searching for information on Agatha Chritie e.g. Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple etc and each of these pages has been designed for search engine optimisation (Google, Yahoo, MSN etc).

Try this out: Go to and type captain hastings into the search box.

You'll see that there are over 190,000 results, and at the top of the first page of these results is the All About Agatha Chrisite Captain Hastings page.

How about Google?

Even more impressive, out of around 1.5 million results, once again at the top of the first page of these results is the All About Agatha Chrisite Captain Hastings page.

Some of the many other first page listings with one or more of the major search engines include:

  • Dame Agatha Christie
  • Jane Marple
  • Agatha Chrisite Blog
  • Agatha Chrisite fans
  • Agatha Chrisite gift ideas
  • Agatha Chrisite news
  • Agatha Chrisite novels
  • Agatha Chrisite quiz
  • Agatha Chrisite poll
  • Agatha Chrisite newsletter
  • Crooked House
  • Tommy and Tuppence

  • To guarantee immediate first page exposure on the most popular search engine in the world I have also set up a paid account with Google. This means that anybody searching for anything to do with Agatha Christie will also come across my sponsored advertisement.

    To see this for yourself, go to and type Agatha Christie into the search box. On the results page, You should be able to see the following sponsored link either at the very top or on the right hand side. Agatha Christie Website Free And Comprehensive Guide To A.C Indepth Info, Poirot, Marple etc.

    Repeat visits and recommendation are the cornerstone of any successful website. In addition to high quality content, the All About Agatha Christie website offers interactivity, another key component by which top sites are judged.

    Visitors have the opportunity to subscribe to the free newsletter, sign the guest book, read the dedicated blog, either via the website or via RSS feed, and send site recommendation e-mails to their family and friends.

    If you are looking to promote anything connected with Agatha Christie, there is simply no other platform which can offer this level of highly focussed exposure, quality, personal dedication and attention to detail.

    Advertising Option 1: The Website

    There are 2 advertising formats available on the All About Agatha Christie website.

    Text links

    For example:

    Block links

    For example:

    Pasta, Passion & Pistols:

    Pepi Roni served up a mean plate of pasta until someone did him in. Now there's big trouble in Little Italy. This great murder mystery dinner party comes with a complete party planner, invitations, costume and menu suggestions.

    Pasta, Passion & Pistols (Murder Mystery Party)

    Price Guide

    Primary pages refer to the top three visited webpages on the All About Agatha Christie website. These are the home page, the blog page and the links page.

    Secondary pages refer to all the remaining high traffic pages on the website.

    For advertisers outside the U.S.A, the quoted price is simply recalculated based on the current exchange rate of the currency in question.

    Primary Page Text Links

    1 month:     $129.00

    3 months:    $359.00 (save $28)

    6 months:    $719.00 (save $55)

    12 months:   $1299.00 (save $249)

    Secondary Page Text Links

    1 month:    $69.00

    3 months:   $179.00 (save $28)

    6 months:   $359.00 (save $55)

    12 months:  $699.00 (save $129)

    Primary Page Block Links

    1 month:    $199.00

    3 months:   $549.00 (save $48)

    6 months:   $1099.00 (save $95)

    12 months:  $2199.00 (save $189)

    Secondary Page Block Links

    1 month:    $149.00

    3 months:   $399.00 (save $48)

    6 months:   $799.00 (save $95)

    12 months:  $1499.00 (save $289)

    Advertising Option 2: The Newsletter

    The All About Agatha Christie newsletter has over 1000 e-mail subscribers worldwide, with new subscriptions being received at a rate of around 100 per week.

    In addition to the two advertising formats outlined above (text link and block link) the All About Agatha Christie Newsletter also offers a third advertising format.

    Feature Links

    For example:

    Find it at Alibris

    Alibris connects you to thousands of independent book, music, and movie sellers around the world. With over 50 million used, new, first edition and hard-to-find titles, you're bound to find what you're looking for! They have a comprehensive Agatha Christie collection.

    To vist the site, just click on the following link.

    Get great deals on books for book lovers!

    Price Guide

    Price per Issue

    Text Link:       $149.00

    Block Link:      $225.00

    Feature Link:   $449.00

    All advertisers will be invoiced via our secure transaction partner PayPal. PayPal provides a fast, easy and secure way to send and receive payments worldwide. If you would like more information just click on the PayPal logo above.

    If you have any advertising questions or require any further information regarding the advertising options available, you can get in touch via the following link.

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